Reviews/ Press Quotes

"May just be the feel good documentary of the year."

-New York Times


"A Blunt Instrument in the Climate War"

-New York Times


"Simmering outrage"

-Washington Post


"The film’s slickness is tempered by its sense of urgency."

-Washington Post


"Timely and Succinct"

-Los Angeles Times


"A sense of urgency that's difficult to shake."

-The Seattle Times

"Dispenses with conveniences and niceties and goes straight for the jugular"

-San Jose Mercury News


"This forceful documentary deals with the hot-button issue of climate change in powerfully compelling fashion."

- Hollywood Reporter


"May indeed succeed in changing at some people’s minds."

- Hollywood Reporter


"Pulls the veil back on the money behind the crisis’ debate"



"Politeness just isn’t an option anymore."

-Arizona Republic