What You Can Do

There continues to be a lack of political action internationally to address the pressing climate change crisis. "Greedy Lying Bastards" was produced to expose those who deny the existence of climate change, their financial supporters, front groups and connected politicians. With a complete disregard for the science and the overwhelming majority of credible climatologists internationally who are in agreement that climate change is real and a serious threat, a relatively small number of deniers have been successful at raising doubt and confusion amongst the public and politicians. This purposeful campaign of denial, chiefly funded by the very fossil fuel industry that stands to benefit from inaction on climate change regulations, has been instrumental at ensuring that little to no action is taken to address greenhouse gas emissions and our changing climate.


Please visit our website ExposeTheBastards.com to learn how you can get involved in spreading the truth about climate change and exposing those who are risking our lives and the lives of the planet for their own financial gains.